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  Three Single Messages of Hope

At Crossroad our one hour services are always down to earth and relevant. That means they make sense to regular people just like you. We promise that we won’t put a visitor sticker on you or ask you a bunch of personal questions, because Crossroad is a “hassle-free zone.” No guilt trips, no begging for money, no politics, no denomination….just great music from an awesome band and the incredible love, mercy and hope of Jesus Christ. Find the hope you are looking for in our one-hour service about a God who loves you! You matter to God. Hope to see you this Sunday at 10.


9-14-14 Fulfillment

9-21-14 What If You Are the Toxic Person?     

9-28-14 When the Bottom Falls Out

Meeting at J.T. Moore Middle School,

4425 Granny White Pike in the Green Hills area.

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