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Christmas Time

We spend a lot of time trying to find the perfect gift for those we love. Perhaps it is time to find the perfect gift for you.  Our pastor, John Gouldener describes himself as a regular guy who teaches rather than preaches. Raised Catholic, John stopped going to church in his early twenties because, as he says, “I didn’t feel good enough.” In 1986, through the influence of a friend,  he discovered that the Christian life isn’t about being good—it is about what Christ has already done. With that discovery, John rededicated his life to Christ and began his walk toward the ministry. John’s vision for CCC is that it will be a church for other imperfect people who struggle just like him. Crossroad Community Church is a church where people can learn about an incredibly “Big G” God in a way that is sensible, understandable, non-threatening and fun, while offering hope to all people. John’s personality is personified through CCC’s style of worship:

Accept everyone, appreciate everyone, affirm everyone. CCC is passionate for Christ and for reaching the folks, who like him, may have given up on church. John teaches about the love of a loving God in a casual, simple-to-understand way. His messages are so relevant that finally you can leave feeling like John was speaking just to you. Give yourself the perfect gift this Christmas season. Find the hope you are looking for in our one-hour service about a God who loves you! You matter to God. Hope to see you this Sunday at 10.

Have a Little Faith in a BIG GOD!

12-07-14    Options

12-14-14    Seriously Celebrate     

12-21-14    Reason for Hope

12-28-14    Anxious Hearts

Merry Christmas!

   Meeting at J.T. Moore Middle School, 4425 Granny White Pike in the Green Hills area.

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